Wedding Experience

Weddings are important to us because that’s how we started our company. Our wedding stories are creative and beautiful to watch. From the moment the suit, ties, gown and shoes are brought out, we're there to capture the magic as it happens. The tiny buttons on a fairy tale gown, the straightening of a tie, that twinkle in a groom's eye when he catches sight of his bride…Every detail, laugh and memory, down to the little moments that so often get lost between the tears and being in the moment. With a trained eye and steady hand we capture the most significant and precious moments of your wedding, to compose a priceless film that tells the magical story of two lives combining and becoming one. We offer a fresh perspective, boundless creativity and subtle approach. We believe that every couple deserves to relive the joy of their wedding day a millions times over, our goal is to capture the day in an honest way 100% Every Time!

South Carolina


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