Featured Couple of the Week, Carlo & Terra

Tell us a bit about yourselves. Bride, was born in Columbia SC a graduate of Spring Valley High School. Bride enjoys shopping and shopping Groom, was born in Columbia SC and a Graduate of Keenan High School and Claflin University. Groom enjoys sports and reading. Both are the biggest Dallas Cowboys and Florida State University football fans….. How did you two meet? We met through my best friend at a Mother’s day cookout at Dreher Island State park Describe your first date. It was at Apple Bee’s. It was kind of funny because I realize after he walked in that I having a date with a very popular guy. He worked the whole restaurant before making to me. Our night was fun. We had dinner, went out

Featured Couple of the Week, Ryan & Pierce

How we first met? The very first time we met was at a housewarming/bday gathering for my best friend Lana, who was also Pierce’s best friend’s fiancé. This was in January. It was only a hello. Then, in July at their Myrtle Beach wedding was when we actually exchanged more words than hello. We really connected. I was the maid of honor and he was the best man at their wedding. First Impression? He thought I was stuck up and didn’t want to shake his hand. I thought he was handsome. First Date? Our first date was at Ruth’s Chris. It was fun and I’ll never forget how he gave me a “church hug” before we departed. He patted me on the back several times. How long before we realized we were in love?

Featured Couple of the Week, Tia & Ced

When, where and how did the two of you meet? We first met in "98" at the fair as teenagers through mutual friends. *What was your first impression of each other? Ced- " Pretty Lil red bone", cool and laid back Tia- I thought Ced was very quite and cute. *At what point did it first occur to you that this might be the person you would marry? Tia- Of course over the years after we met and start dating we broke up numerous times to eventually around 2006 we dated exclusively and we're inseparable! Ced- When down and out Tia stayed the same and never changed. She was always there for me. *How did you propose? What was the reaction? Ced- Over dinner at Red Bowl Asian Bistro Tia- I was speechless

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